YTRON-Y® jet mixing turbine

For preparing homogeneous engobes, glazes and tarnishing colours as a basis for high-quality ceramic products such as clinkers, roofing tiles, flooring tiles …

The YTRON-Y® produces a powerful axial jet and homogeneously mixes all components, liquid to highly viscous ones, in seconds without entraining any air. Vortex formation and sedimentation, which can occur when conventional agitators are used, are eliminated.

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For perfect preparation of ENGOSYN® special engobes, GRONAT® glazes and REDOX® tarnishing colours.

Advantages of the YTRON-Y® directed jet mixing turbine

Exclusively axial flow pattern
Homogeneous mixing
No air entrainment
No sedimentation
No floating (of product on the surface)
Rapid and intensive mixing of the entire contents of the container
No flow deflectors required in the tank, flow deflectors are integrated in the stator
Gentle on the product due to brief dwell times in the Y-shaped mixing head, short process time, rotor in contact only with the moving product
Side entry: air cushion prevents contact between product and seal

Individually designed to achieve optimum results for the application in question.